August 31, 2008

1st Day of School

So no more guilt about being behind... it is what it is...
But I was having other thoughts about privacy and while I don't want to go private I have noticed that other people when they blog don't mention any names... it is hubby and daughter one and son #2. Or just first initials...Here is why I don't do that... T&A started school.... OK maybe I shouldn't even point that out...and some of the more innocent people that visit here, won't even get that...alright moving on...
No point in concealing their names now because than I would have to go back through all my posts and edit and that is just crazy...
So I will just continue along... Triston and Anja started their first day of school...shhhh no I won't tell you where... that would be to easy for all those predators... j/k
OK sorry now I am just being silly...onto the real posting...
Their first day of 1st and 2nd grade started on August 4th! So exciting!
Triston sporting the mohawk!
School breakfast and lunch again! My grocery bill will be so much less, let me tell you!
To cool for school!

This year they are in the same class together. I love it! I can compare stories and tell who is fibbing! Aren't I a crafty mom! OK I don't really do that.... but I do get a lot more info from Anja on how their day went. Triston's answer to the question what did you do today is always "I don't know","I don't remember"or my favorite.... "nothing"
So it is nice to have Anja keeping me informed... girls love details!!! Giving and Getting...

More from CA trip....

I don't know why but I find that keeping my blog updated has turned into yet another thing I can guilt myself about. Does anyone else feel bad when they are behind... I feel almost like it is my scrapbooking... anyhow... for all those awesome moms out there that blog the same day about their families happenings! I salute you!
We spent some time with Ben's sisters and their kiddo's here are some shots of us playing in their pool... FUN TIMES!
Liam looks like he is ready to dive in.... love his tan little arms..

Hard to believe that their are more cousins than this! We are missing 6 others!

August 28, 2008

Beach Time

It wouldn't be a trip to CA without a beach trip. This is July 31st in Port Hueneme. Liam ran right to the water and fell right the look on his face you can tell it was a bit cold.
Nika was happy to splash!
And Anja looks cute in her suit! (Let's see if Michelle notices anything different about this one of Anja...thank you for inspiring me to learn a bit of P.S.)
Triston was excited to go boogie boarding. I noticed his chest was red and bleeding and in true boy fashion when I asked him if he was ok...he wrote it off as no big deal...

Abbey was happy to help her niece and nephew ride the board! Here is Anja and Triston together... Have to dig a hole... I mean come on!And for some reason Liam discovered he really likes to throw sand at mommy....

August 22, 2008

Land of the Lost

So we took a little trip to California right before school started. My best friend Angela was having her bridal shower (I was in charge of games) and we also wanted to see Ben's family before school started. We always pass by Cabazon off the I 10 and think gee we should stop and let the kids see the might remember them from a certain pee wee movie..anyhow we are usually in a rush to get to our destination and then we usually forget on our way back. Mostly because on the east bound part of the freeway you can't see them till you have already passed them.
Anyhow this time we decided to stop. It was mostly Ben's idea...what a great Daddy!
Turns out that you walk up the inside of this Dinosaurs Tail and the belly is a gift shop. The Museum is actually around the corner. The whole thing is owned by a church that likes to post anti evolution posters all around. I guess the theme is the Dinosaurs were real but evolution isn't. But we didn't care about all that, the kids were just excited to see big dinosaurs up close!

Here is Triston being eaten and Nika running away in fright... hmmm the landscaper in the background doesn't seem frightened at all...
(yeah if you notice there isn't a whole of landscaping to take care of... Ben and I were laughing because the guy was weed wacking dirt mostly and the one patch of weeds anywhere... Hope they aren't paying him very much....
gotta check out the T-rex...
Photo of Daddy and all the kiddo's. It was a bit hot and windy hence the hair flying and the red cheeks...

Here is a shot to show you the size perspective..

A parting shot of the T-rex... loved this it was fun 10 min rest stop. If your driving past it and you have kids take a stop stretch your legs and make some memories with the kids! We did!

August 19, 2008

I promise...

I am trying to get caught up but honestly is it just me or are you addicted to the Olympics coverage as well... It only happens every four years so I think I should feel this way but I feel like nothing is getting done!

More Birthday Fun...

My mom couldn't join our party for Nika because of work conflicts but we went over to swim and celebrate the next day.
Honestly I don't where she gets it from....
Liam in a trance over Anja's bathing Suit
The four crazies! Daddy has taught Nika to make faces at the camera... here is her latest work...
It wouldn't be a birthday without clothes from Oma!
Riding her new PURPLE bike! She is way too happy!
Loved this ice cream cake! Yum! Can't wait till September and another round of birthdays begins!

August 18, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Nika!

Ok so I am attempting to get updated on my blog. We celebrated Nika's 4th Birthday on the 28th of July.
Opening up Presents and looking cute as ever!
All the siblings have to see what she is getting!
Excited to see the Butterfly cake that mom made!
We went through a few websites but when she saw the butterfly idea it was like their were no others... This is the easiest cake I have ever made. Bless you Nika for not picking the Princess Castle Cake....
Blowing out the candles...
I can't believe she has made it to four! Preschool starts August 26th!

What's a birthday without Balloons!

August 6, 2008

Dr. Horrible's Sing A Long Blog

This show entertained both Ben and I. He usually doesn't like musicals but this one was hilarious!
Check it out on

August 4, 2008

Still Tired...

So we went out for a mad dash to California before school started... I will post some things when I feel my strength returning... School is back in and right now I am just reveling in the quieter house...
Some thoughts, experiences....

#1. There are several times when your child will ask you a loud question in the store... One of the ones you don't really want to hear and certainly don't want the general public to hear..."Mom is that a boy or a girl?"

#2. While going through the McDonalds drive through Ben commented that they serve condoms there. I glance over at the sign they have at the window and mind you it was a quick glance... all I can say is why would they sell that here? Then I look at Ben and realize I need a closer look at that window...hubby was making a joke out of the condiments served here sign... I really need to get new glasses.

#3. I think I watch too much TV... here is the proof... while trying to give directions to Ben... I tell him that the offramp we want to take is only a couple "episodes" away... Yeah I also had like zero sleep.

#4. I hate my bed until I have to be away from it.

#5 Kids are either never hungry or really full until of course you sit down with your own plate of food.