August 28, 2007

Ben's turn...

Ben was having fun with the black and white aspect of my camera...

Call me Coach or Moon Goddess...

I got a call last Thursday that Triston's new soccer season was starting but his team had no coach. I was apparently the only parent to fill out a volunteer form (never mind it was just for team mom) and would I consider coaching the team. Well I thought about it and decided to do my part. Now I am the coach of 6, 6-7 year old boys. I am busy contacting my HOA board to get approval to hold practices in our community park. Our first game is Saturday Sep. 8th. Wish us luck! The season lasts until December, lets hope I can survive! (-=
On another note I signed Anja up for Ballet class. I am going to take her shopping for a little outfit soon. Her first class is also the 8th.
Both Triston and Anja are in a after school chess club that meets every Monday right after school. I don't know if Anja really cares one way or the other, but Triston really likes it. Every time I pick him up, after it, he tells me that chess club was the best part of his day (besides recess). At least with both of them in it they can play each other at home.
I got up at 3am this morning to take pictures of the lunar eclipse. Am I the only nut that got up to see it. I heard it described as seeing all the worlds sunrises at one time. Well it didn't live up to that hype but it was still pretty cool to see the moon all dusky red/orange. Of course if you see the full moon when it is rising through the smog of LA or Phoenix or probably any major city for that matter then you pretty much have seen the same thing! My pictures weren't all that great either since I don't have any telephoto lenses but I still enjoyed myself.

August 23, 2007

Our Family

Just a little about us. Ben works at Beneficial Financial Group as a financial planner and also a leader for a team of other agents. This is the best company we have ever worked for and can't say enough about how happy we are to have this blessing in our life. Triston, six, is in first grade this year and enjoying himself. He starts his 3rd year in soccer next month and can't wait. Anja, four, has joined him at school in Kindergarten and is so happy to finally be at school. She will be starting ballet classes next month. Nika, three, is happy to have Mom mostly to herself and seems to have a lot to talk about now that she can answer questions for herself. Usually Triston or Anja would answer for her...Liam is crawling and pulling himself up on everything. I am sure he will be walking soon judging by his furniture cruising. He will be one on the 10th of September.
I am keeping busy in Primary and enjoying life with only two kids. I find myself just leisurely wandering the store aisles, just because I can. We signed up at the YMCA and I am enjoying going swimming and exercising while the kids play. Sometimes it is the little things like that, which make life more worthwhile!
I will post more boring stuff later about what we do every week. I am hoping to do a weekly update on us. We shall see how I do...


This is just a little rant about the news. I am so tired of hearing these stories about women leaving their children home with their boyfriends and then the boyfriend, surprise surprise ends up hurting the child.
Seriously women it goes back to the natural instincts of motherhood. In nature their are very few animals who let unattached males near their offspring. If humans are the so evolved then why can't we remember something that simple?
Now I know there some good guys out there but I think bottom line if the child is not his than he shouldn't be left alone to care for them!
Obviously these moms already have problems, but that is a whole other story...

Blogging World

HI Guys,
Well I finally decided to make one of these. I like the idea that I can look back and see what we have done. Things that were important to me and funny things the kids said or did. Since I am horrible at keeping a journal I figure this is the next best thing. I can't promise it will always be exciting, because lets face it, whose life is? But for those of you whom I don't get to see that often hopefully it will keep you up to date on my life. That way I can just send a Christmas card and not a manifesto of the year! (-=

Artists I like!

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Arrested Development

This show is too funny... Ben and I were sad to see it canceled...