January 29, 2009

All in your Perspective

So decided it would be fun to let the kids watch a little American Idol before they went to bed. It was a few minutes to 7 so the show wasn't on yet. There is this sleazy show called TMZ on right before on fox...and why they are on at the 6 o clock hour I have no idea... Let's just say they are the ultimate bottom feeders in the media world.
Anyhow caught a brief glimpse of the actor Vern Troyer locking lips with some girl. Quickly flipped channels... you know like, "whoops that's not American Idol!"
Too late, Nika had caught a glimpse and lets out a huge "EWWWWwwwwww!"
Before I can offer any parental guidance Anja pops up in her bossy big sister tone " What! It's just a baby kissing his mommy!"

Ahhh yes that is exactly right! 10 points to Anja! Let's just leave it at that.... yet another reason to keep the TV watching to PBS.

January 25, 2009

Just some mutterings...

Adding on....

Woman gives birth to octuplets in California.

Yes you read that correctly...A woman has given birth to eight babies in a hospital south of Los Angeles, the world's second live-born set of octuplets. The hospital says the mother, who asked not to be identified, gave birth to six girls and two boys weighing between 1.8 pounds and 3.4 pounds. This happened 10 years ago... I remember reading about it and I still feel the same. Women were not meant to have litters...

That said... I hope that they all grow strong and healthy... and I hope those parents have a lot of friends and family living close by.... wow

So a while back I was watching Triston's football team practice. The park has a large walking trail and many people take advantage. Jogging, walking, walking with friends, pets, etc. I saw this lady walking with a stroller and didn't think anything of it until Anja asked if she could go pet the dog.
Yes that is right she was pushing her dog around in the stroller. Now I know little dogs sometimes need less exercise but come on people!!! A Stroller for your dog! Geesh things like that just bug me.

Now say what you will about the fashion industry...those people are always on top of things. Sometimes it bothers me that it will be July and they start putting out sweaters. Or December and they start putting out swim wear. But I have to say this... in January when we are all trying our hardest to eat right and work out. Looking at all those cute bathing suits sure makes it easier to remember our resolutions. I know while it's cold and I am covering up and not caring, sooner than not it will be HOT and I will really appreciate the hard work I am doing now... So for all of you feeling the same way. Stay strong and reach for that salad, over that Krispy Kreme....

See you all at the beach!

January 23, 2009

Making more Notre Dame Fans...

Tonight we had a movie/picnic night in the living room. I got to pick the flick. Ben had his concerns that I was trying to influence our kids to be Notre Dame fans...heaven forbid the world gain anymore USC fans...
So we watched Rudy! I can not watch these last few minutes without crying!
It says a lot about the spirit of hope and the will power to continue despite all the odds being against you. Love it!

Say what you will and I am sure some of you will say a lot! But I love this team and even when they aren't the best I still watch them and root for them and hope that they rekindle some of their former glory.

January 21, 2009

The little boogers...

So just thought I would make note of some of the smaller day to day "funny's" that have gone on.

I should preface this first one by the fact that when I was little I would never finish my green beans... (nothing new there gross!) So as punishment (or my parents idea of encouragement I guess) I was stuck in my high chair in the hallway outside the kitchen and told to finish... So I was a little sneaky and decided to squish all the beans on the underside of the plate. Vuala I got to get down and my parents didn't realize my sneaky solution until I was well hidden upstairs.
Anyhow flash forward to my little mini me Nika sitting at the table and being my pickiest eater as always. So one night she is told to finish what's on her plate and after she comes to me with an empty plate and an innocent smile letting me know she's done I let her go off to play. Only to look over at Liam's plate and realize she has piled all her food on his plate... Nice!
Second time there were no plates to shove her food onto and I was more on to her... so I believed she had finished for about 5 min until I looked at the table and saw she had dumped her food on the floor. Probably would have worked but her accomplice's AKA: ROSIE& MALIBU
were outside at the time. Little Stinker... it's a good thing she's cute!
Also Liam has mastered getting out of his crib. I guess it is time to get him a real bed *deep sigh*
I love that he is getting older but it sure makes it harder to keep him in bed. Again that cuteness factor sure helps...

I especially love that he tells me "I love you"
I love Babies and that is probably why I have so many *laugh* but there is nothing like when they tell you they love you. Melts me every time!

January 17, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas morning was a blur, we were up until like 2:30 in the morning, sorry Danny and Lisa for giving you a likewise late night... Thankfully the kids did not wake up too early, although around 4:30 Anja came in to tell me that Santa had been to our house... I told her it was too early to get up and she responds with " I know Mom I was just going to the bathroom." Duh Mom
Although I agree with this saying...
Even as an adult I find it difficult to sleep on Christmas Eve. Yuletide excitement is a potent caffeine, no matter your age. ~Carrie Latet
What would Christmas be without the yule log?
Ah the year of the Barbie's
And the Polly pockets..
My Mom was able to open presents with us in the morning.
The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. This was the aftermath...
And what could be more fitting on a day where we celebrate the birth of Christ. A beautiful rainbow reminding the world of the promises of our Father in Heaven to his children.
Hope you all had an equally wonderful Christmas!

January 16, 2009

Feeling Romantic...

December in a Blink or a Stare... whatever

I am a sucker for architecture and so was really excited to go see a ballet at the Orpheum Theater in Downtown Phoenix. Anja's girl scout troop had tickets and so I took my mom and Anja to the show. I was a little more excited to see the inside of the building but don't tell Anja that...
The Orpheum was built in 1929 right before the depression. It started out with plays, vaudeville that sort of thing. It changed hands many times over years but was restored to its former beauty by the city in the late 90's. It was gorgeous! One of the many beautiful features was the ceiling and its illusionary nightfall.
The "sky" changes color... Sorry it is a little blurry, I was trying to do the best I could without a tripod.
Here is Oma and her namesake Anja
They have this beautiful staircase with hand painted peacocks. They had to do the painting a la Sistine Chapel style. I totally hate when my photos don't do the subject justice. This place was gorgeous! Makes you appreciative of the miracle that is our sight... nothing captures quite like our eyes.The outside and on our way home, after a cute ballet performed by youth.
So on the 15th Jed moved out. He packed up and I dropped him off for his flight up to SLC. He spent the holidays with friends and family before going to the MTC on the 14th of January. We miss him but it is nice to be able to walk around the house wearing what I like and not worry about running into a 19 year old boy. ha ha
So the next day I was super mom and went on a fieldtrip with Triston & Anja's class. WE went to a play called the Snow Queen, again put on by a youth acting troupe. I think Anja has the bug. She would like to act... Oh yeah and I drove too!
So I guess all the culture was affecting my brain because I agreed to be part of the ward Christmas program. Well actually I was signing up Ben's lovely voice and he told me not to sign him up unless I signed myself up. Usually I would think twice but this time I signed us up. Well then Ben ended up not feeling to well that evening and guess who was left speaking and singing without him...yep me... It went pretty good. I took pictures of the hall before people started getting there. And it pretty much looked the same after the program started. Lots of people out of town thank goodness! I thought it looked pretty for a ward function.
The next night we decided to meet up with our friends the McBurney's and go see the temple lights in Mesa. It was nice and cold so we only stayed a short time. Long enough to take some pictures, look at the lights, and listen to an interesting men's singing group and their approach to some carols... yeah that was my nice description...
The McBurney's
Me trying to get a picture of all the kids... Nika was not having it...
This was the sexy face... right Lisa?!! Ha ha ha
On this scene...
Ben trying to avoid my camera...
The boys
The temple... not bad for no tripod
The guy who holds most of my heart...
Afterward we drove over to Ben's office to eat our cookies and drink our hot chocolate in relative warmth...
And lets not forget early Christmas with Gertry and Joseph... my kids are so spoiled! They were excited that Santa dropped off a few early presents!
Then for the first day of Winter Break I took the kids over to the children's museum, we met up with Nika's teacher who has become our friend. She has had all three kids in her class! Lucky girl! Anyhow I brought my camera but was lame and forgot the battery so no visuals sorry!
I am tired so I will post Christmas happenings later... for now that is pretty much December...

January 10, 2009

This was a great wedding dance....

All I can say this made me laugh , smile, etc.