July 25, 2008


Yes I know this song is over played... however I like it still and when it comes on the radio I sing along... We were in the car and I was singing along when suddenly Triston says "Mom!" In a kind of urgent voice so I turn down the radio to see whats wrong. He says" Mom you sound just like her"
Wow love those random compliments... I have always wanted to be a good singer and I know I am not really. So to have him say that really made my day...
Now I need to find a Karaoke Bar and work the crowd! *laugh*

July 23, 2008

Sibling Conversation

So on the way home from the gym tonight I overheard a partial conversation between Anja and Triston. They are all the way in the back of the van so I might not have gotten the full context but what I did hear made me smile.

Anja - "I can't marry you"
Triston - "Why? Don't you like you me?"
Anja - "Of course I like you, you're my best friend..."

Yep I love em!
This is a oldie but goodie... September 2003 to be exact!

Of course later when Ben asked Anja who her best friend was, her response had changed...
Anja - "Everyone I know..."

July 20, 2008

An Admission....

So the book club met this month and we discussed the book.

A great read and not what you would think from the title. It really is all about improving as a wife. The author Merrilee Boyack is LDS and the book is how to improve your marriage not your spouse. Anyhow I liked it and learned a few things. She starts out talking about how as women we don't really admit to doing anything wrong. So it is unusual to have a woman write a book about her faults as a wife. Ben and I both know I am not perfect but I don't know how comfortable I would be declaring those faults to the general public. However in the spirit of encouraging others I will let you know that I am not even close to being a perfect wife or mother for that matter!
It doesn't mean I stop trying or that I say "Take me or leave me" it is just a fact that I constantly fall short.
Which is why I am thankful for the atonement and the ability to admit to my faults and strive to improve. What a wise Father in Heaven we have that he already knew we would mess up and he left us this awesome plan to fix all our mess-ups.
Anyhow I just was thinking about all the little things we do as women to put on this perfect front and all it really does is make other women feel bad that they aren't doing those same things for their family. Darn you Martha Stewart!
Anyhow I will now admit to one thing that through my silence I am taking mommy credit for ...
Nika has these beautiful baby curls that I have been unwilling to part with. Ben likes the girls to have long hair and I could not part with the curls at the bottom of her hair. I know that once I cut them they will not come back (mostly since the rest of her hair is straight)
This causes some stress in our house because combing through curls is not always easy and getting her hair done is probably Nika's least favorite activity. So cutting those curls would definitely improve on that experience. And TRUST me there have been many a morning where I am ready to lob it all off! But no, I endure the madness that is combing through Nika's hair and the end result is always beautiful slightly curled locks. To which I always get a ton of compliments on. People are surprised when I tell them that they are her baby curls and that I have never cut her hair. She is turning 4 in a little over a week and has yet to see scissors touch her head. Except of course for the slight lock that was stolen from her head courtesy of big brother.
Anyhow I guess I never really thought about it but I have unknowingly made other mothers feel bad because they think I take the time to curl her hair to perfection each morning. By my silence I am allowing this image to be seen by the world.
So now I feel relieved the truth is out. I no longer have to live the lie of perfect momdum.... I am human and so are the rest of you!

July 14, 2008

Family Home Evening

It is always an interesting event in our house. Trying not to get frustrated at the gnat attention span of most of our children. This week's lesson was standing in Holy Places and what that means.
We read 2 Nephi 9:45 " O, my beloved brethren, turn away from your sins; shake off the chains of him that would bind you fast; come unto that God who is the rock of your salvation."
I was asking the kids who is it that wants to bind us fast? Who wants us to sin and be bad.
Triston's cute as pie answer ...."Sinbad" Yep I love him!
He also lost a tooth tonight so this blog is all about the T Man...

I am so honored...

July 13, 2008

4th of July...

So we had a quiet 4th of July. I did some more face painting...
Gotta love the deer caught in the headlights look for both Anja and Triston

Even did some self work...
We were going to go to a neighboring city to see some more fireworks but a monsoon storm swept in and the city ended up sending 9,000 people home and canceling the fireworks. The winds were pretty strong and their event tents were collapsing on people and I think there is some rule that if lightning strikes are occurring less then 5 miles away they have to cancel. We hadn't actually parked yet so at least we didn't go through all the hassle of walking to the park and then being turned back. We ended up going to a different park and watching the storm in the distance and all the cool lightning. One of the good things about these storms is that they lower the temperature enough to make playing on the playground more feasible. AZ playgrounds are like ghost towns in the summer months (at least when the sun is out)
We had packed this big picnic dinner so we ended up going home spreading out the blanket in the living room and watching the fireworks on TV. The kids were not disappointed since we had seen some live ones the night before. Plus I had bought lunchables and I never do that, so they were happy munching away.
The biggest show out here is in Tempe on this man made lake that is huge. The newscasters were saying that lightning got within 6 miles and they almost had to cancel but that is as close as it got so we got to watch that one on TV, and we also checked PBS cause they always have the show from Washington DC. Anyhow it was a nice 4th of July, I am so thankful to be raising my family in the United States. As bleak as the economic future looks it is still amazing to live here. The list of why would be too long to post here, but as a Mom I know I am thankful for the opportunities that are available for my children and the safer surroundings they are in. My heart aches for those women around the world that live every day fearful for their children's lives and well being. God bless the USA!

Independance Day Fun!

Out in our neck of the woods the city puts on a free fireworks show on the 3rd of July every year. It is held at the Phoenix International Raceway and is pretty neat. The first year I was here I was confused as to the date but I guess there are so many cities close by on the 4th doing fireworks shows that some cities opt to do it the day before. At any rate we went to this year's Rev, White and Boom event featuring classic cars, water slides, rides, and local businesses. It wasn't 117 like last year so the girls avoided getting heat stroke.
I decided to do some face painting before we left.

Everyone but Liam who wouldn't sit still, but still looked cute in his 4th of July wear!
Triston, Anja and Nika sitting in the firetruck! They also had a smoke trailer there which only the girls were brave enough to go in. It is a 5 minute demonstration where the firefighter talks about what happens when a house is on fire and where the smoke goes. Then they turn on a smoke machine and have you stand up so you can see how hard it is to see and then they have everyone crawl out to show the proper way to exit in a fire. I thought it was a great thing for the kids to experience, you never know...
Of course it was still pretty hot as you can see from Liam's red little cheeks
Here we are sitting in the grandstands waiting for the show to begin.
Once the show started I was so happy to capture this look from Anja. Too bad it is blurry but you still get the point. Holidays are so much more fun when your a kid...
Some of the beautiful fireworks!

July 1, 2008

New Battle

Nika has been potty trained since she was around 20 months... trust me even I was surprised. I credit Anja and definitely not my pregnant with Liam self. Anyhow it is always a battle to get her to flush. She has never liked the noise. But lately her excuse makes me laugh. She goes pee and when I remind her to flush she responds. "Well it isn't yellow it is still white. "
I am glad my children love to drink water and their pee isn't that yellow but I still tell her to flush anyway! Kids can be so strange...

Just Curious...

Ben and I seem to disagree over this point quite a lot and he thought maybe I should ask the blogging world what they think of our points of view.
The other night we were parked in the car and eating a bite of food before returning to our house and kids. With the recent scare on tomatoes he didn't want to eat the one in his hamburger. Can't blame him on that...well without a second thought he tosses it out the window and into the parking lot. Now I get all worked up on the fact that he is clearly littering.
Now he tells me as he always does when I catch him doing this that he is not littering because said item is "biodegradable."
I of course counter that who cares if it is going to be gone in a week. Tomorrow when someone steps out of their car and steps onto said rotting tomato they are going to be as mad as I was.
So I ask you...what is the ruling? Is it ok to toss "bio's" out the window or should he put it in the bag the food came in! (I always turn that into the trash bag)