September 25, 2007

Little Miracles

I saw this picture today and was struck by it. This little guy is the first baby rhino to be born in captivity in Israel in 15 years! He is only two days old in this picture.
Now maybe I shouldn't be humanizing an animal but can you imagine that mommy rhino. Waiting 15 years for that cute guy... I think he is a little miracle!

September 24, 2007

Anja's Fancy Fifth Birthday

Better late then never... I take so many dang pictures that it is hard to upload them all... Well here is Anja's birthday pictures.
The first two are from school where Anja gets to hold a globe and walk around a candle (the candle is supposed to be the sun) showing the kids that every time the earth goes round the sun your another year older. They sing this cute song about it but I forgot the words. Anyhow I came in and made a fruit pizza for a treat. It was cute!

That night we had a little birthday party with friends from church. It was a fancy nancy theme. So I decorated the play room "fancy"

I had these pictures of Fancy Nancy that the girls got to color or make fancy.

I had a lot of fun being fancy... can't you tell? Triston took this picture by the way.

We had a little tea party and the girls had fun pouring juice into their tea cups. We learned to eat fancy with our pinkies up.

Then it was time to open presents!

Can you tell they are excited?

Mommy saw all that pink paper and said PHOTO OP!

Anja kissing the world goodnight on her fancy fifth birthday!

September 19, 2007

Birthday Boy

Life is good when you're one!

A Cupcake for me!?

Going in...

One handed...

Two fisted...

Once again reaching for mommy's camera... This time he actually got it, frosting and camera lenses just don't add up...

This is why dogs are man's best friends

A little for me and a little for you

All in all it was a nice little birthday. Liam was my first baby to really go for it as far as the cupcake was concerned. I can't believe he is one already. )-=

September 18, 2007

A moment of Silence

OK I am aware that my team is not doing too well but lets keep it in perspective.
This is only the second time in Notre Dame history that a team has started a season 0 and 3. The last time that happened was 2001. The most games the team has ever lost in a row is 5 and no team/coach has ever started a season at 0-4. So either this Saturday will see a return to winning for my guys or Coach Weis will go down in the history books for being the first coach at Notre Dame to lead his team to 4 straight losses at the beginning of the season.
The funny thing is the Irish Defense is awesome, if only their offense could step it up. The Wolverines quarterback Ryan Mallett only threw for 90 yards against Notre Dame, leading to a season average of 114.0 passing yards against.
If the Irish could hold this average, it would be the best single season pass defense since 1980 when the Irish surrended only 103 passing yards per game.
Well next game is Michigan State. Lets Go Irish! These people don't show up to watch you loose!

September 17, 2007

More random pictures

The kids were trying on Daddy's glasses...

Ben was trying to show how large Rosie is in comparison to Nika

Yeah I think you can tell...she's big

Daddy's lil creations

This is what happens when Daddy is home alone with the girls. He teaches them to make funny faces...

Of course he had to get one of them picking them noses...sheesh!

Can you tell we are sisters?

Oh yeah they are all related!

Liam can always be counted on to take a picture with his tongue out and to try and
grab my camera... cute boy!

Don't you just love dress up! I love seeing what they come up with...

Triston wanted a picture since the girls were getting theirs taken.

What's a mom to do when her three year old says "Mom take a picture of my nose!"

September 12, 2007


I love this video... anybody feeling like a food fight...

September 5, 2007

Labor Day Fun!

We decided to check out Lake Pleasant. There wasn't much of a beach to speak of but the water was warm and the dogs came too.
Ben climbed up the hill to take this one of us floating around.

Malibu, Nika, Rosie, and Anja

Malibu trying to swim with or save me...jury's still out on that one


Ben holding Anja while Triston does a handstand. Pretty brave... Anja and him were going under the water. It kind of freaked me out a bit because after stepping in the soft sandy bottom the water was way cloudy and when they would go under you couldn't see them.

Rosie wasn't too sure about the water. This is about as far as she would get in. We took her in the pool once and she kinda well...sank. So maybe this is why she doesn't feel inclined to swim.. he he he

Liam and Daddy. This is about the only happy picture from the day, poor boy was teething and not to happy.

Yeah this is how we roll...

One last shot of our day at the lake