January 29, 2008

Why it is fun having your uncle live with you.

He is a good pillow! (Nov. 1st 2007)

He can watch you as you take your first steps. (December 2nd 2007)

He can make funny faces with the best of them! (December 2nd 2007)

He can charm even the most ferocious beast (December 21st 2007)

He can lend a hand when Santa brings a big project. (January 12 2008)

He can help catch a ball when your learning how to bat (January 21st 2008)

So I realized that I was totally slacking and I had a bunch of things to post so here we go. Around November we helped a family move out of our ward and they gave us their trampoline because they didn't want it anymore! Score! Free and Fun!

Even Daddy gets in on the fun, here they are all dog piling him.

The girls hair isn't done mostly because they run out their first thing in the morning, pjs and all! Crazy kids!

An example of his ministry

January 10, 2008


I am so tired of listening to my little girl cough like an old smoker lady. I am tired of getting up in the middle of the night to sit on the couch and give her a breathing treatment. I am tired of her sad little voice when it wakes me up to tell me she needs medicine. I am tired of having a three year old that knows when she needs medicine. I am tired of having to tell her she can't play with the other kids because she isn't breathing good already. I am tired of her pale face, dark circles under her eyes, and never gaining any weight. I am tired of how the lack of sleep, combined with the discomfort of struggling to breathe leave her in a foul little mood.
I love her so much and as a parent it is so hard to see your child suffering. But then I think about all the other parents in this world that have to sit back and watch their children suffer from even more deadly diseases, like cancer. I think about the parents with diabetic children that have to get up with their kids during the night to stick their finger to make sure they aren't slipping into a diabetic coma, I think about the parents that no longer have a child to take care of, or to wake up for.
Those are the thoughts that keep me thankful that my child only suffers from asthma.

January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Lets start this year off laughing!