October 13, 2008

Ako po si Elder Dalton

I am Elder Dalton and I am going to the Quezon City, Philippines Mission!

We got the mail today and Jed's call was there just a day under 3 weeks.
Ben and I went to the mailbox this evening and there it was. Ben stuck it in his shirt and came in without Jed noticing. We called Mom Dalton and got her on the phone so she could hear him read his call.
This Photo is Ben telling Jed something came in the mail for him. He had been playing with his camera and even though half his face is covered you can still see the shocked expression on his face! I love it!
Here is his second expression... elation... He gets his camera ready for videotape mode. Yes we have a video and when I can get him to upload it we will post it for all to see!
Here he is talking with Mom and Dad on the phone.
His Call... He reports in Wednesday January 14th 2009...

October 6, 2008


No more long hair... I have cut both girls hair... yep Nika has gotten her first haircut ever. Daddy wasn't too happy but Mommy is happy that hair time will no longer be cry time...
Pictures to follow!