October 29, 2007

The Horrible Truth! (-=

Here is a different take on carving pumpkins. *laugh* Enjoy!

October 26, 2007

Trunk or Treat

For those of you who actually read my blog on a regular basis,(that was pretty presumptuous of me wasn't it!)I apologize for the lack of writing this month. I don't think I have been any more busy then usual but I have had a definite apathy for the blog. At the end of the day when I have a choice of updating or sleep, well you can guess by this month what I chose. However I am feeling the false peppy high that can only come from the ward trunk or treat. Yes I admit to helping myself to the goodies that my children so tirelessly trumped for. Anyhow the point is that I think that tonight I can finally update you to all our going ons...
There are a couple new posts so keep looking down...
Here are my two witches. It was going to be a witch and a princess but after seeing Anja's cool witch hat, Nika decided witch was the way to go!

Triston wanted to be superman this year and I think he looked super cute!
I was able to use my trusty costume. A different lamb but just as cute. Mary and her lamb are ready to go!
I don't look enthusiastic but don't worry that is just because Triston didn't warn me before the pic was taken.
Our ward had two horses to ride on and the kids loved it!

Mom don't forget to brush our teeth after all that candy!

Random pictures

Shot this one at our neighborhood G.A.I.N. event. Don't they look related! Oma and Nika
Isn't Rosie such a pretty girl. This is her looking regal!

We don't meet for church until 1pm and that leaves a lot of down time Sunday. This is one way to pass the time.

This isn't the best picture but I just love it, Where did that block go?... oh ok got it!

My kids think inside the box...
I also love how kids will sack out anywhere!

They were actually asleep like this, to cute not to take a picture of...

This is why I love labs...
They are so forgiving...

More Fall Vacation

So over fall vacation we were lucky enough to get the responsibility of caring for Triston's classroom pet. I actually didn't mind the pet so much as its food but anyhow here he is... Slither the corn snake!
The kids loved having him around, we were even lucky enough to watch it shed its skin which the class hadn't even seen yet. I took pictures for them!
The strangest thing was it made a sound like rice crispy's when the skin was coming off, I didn't expect that. Anyhow so again other then the frozen dead mice in my freezer I actually had fun snake sitting. It was a learning experience to say the least!

When the kids got back to school this week they were given assignments in class about what they did over break. In seperate rooms, Triston and Anja both said the same thing. We went to my Dad's bosses house. Now I can tell you we did more in two weeks than just that, but they were in the car for an hour so to them it was a worth mentioning little trip. They have two kids the same age as Anja and Nika and a house full of toys. The kids loved it...

We went to a park near their house and the best photo of the day was this one by Daddy, don't you just hate when they take a better picture then you do? Ok maybe that is just me. But Ben is really getting the most out of my camera...
I am glad that my kids get along and have fun playing with each other, especially when we are all together over vacation time. However even they were getting a little bored by the end, Triston and Anja Case in point... when kids combine dress up with boredom....

His underwear is on top of his case you wondered...

October 11, 2007

Fall Vacation = sick kids

Yeah we started our fall vacation and the baby came down with a stomach flu, which passed to Anja and then finally to me. So far the rest of the family have been able to avoid it. I guess if they are going to get sick it is best to get sick during vacation so they don't miss school. Plus who wants to run the risk of getting sick at school and for the rest of the school year be known as the kid who threw up at their desk...(yes I have some experience in that realm) anyhow I am feeling a little better now, even one day of sickness wipes you out but at least I can function in mommy role again.
Anyhow last night I had the cub scouts over and they built me a couple above ground garden boxes. I will let you know how my garden grows!

October 4, 2007

Pushing Daisies!

I love this show! Tell me it doesn't remind you a little of BABE. Well anyhow the colors the narrator it is hilarious and sweet. If you have a spare Wednesday at 7 which I only do the week before conference then check it out...

October 3, 2007

Probably shouldn't share but...

This too funny not to share. Nika was laying next to me on the ground a couple of night ago while we watched TV. She was facing me and I was facing the TV and her. I was propping up my head with my arm and she could she my arm pit. She starts to tickle me with her finger and then stops and says Mommy you have dark stuff in there. (Now I hadn't shaved for a couple of days but trust me it wasn't as bad as she makes it out)
I told her yes that is hair, she looks at me and says in her sweetest 3 year old voice. "It looks like Daddy's!" LOL
Thanks Kid... that'll teach me. You know who got up and shaved don't ya!

Busy Life, Frazled Wife

So life gets busy and I disappear. We have had busy Saturdays of soccer games, and I am also helping out by being a ref at other games. Anja tried out Ballet all last month on Saturdays too. She liked it but I think she liked the dressing up more then the ballet. She told me she would rather have swimming lessons instead. So that is next on the agenda. I have been also pulling full time duty in Primary as our president is out with her fifth child. Thank goodness it is conference weekend, a little respite from all the chaos. I have taken to wearing "comfortable" rather then "fashionable" shoes to church cause all I end up doing is walking around for the last two hours. I can't imagine doing anything else but sometimes I laugh when I think about Sunday being a day of rest!
We have finally been enjoying some nights in the 60's and days in the 90's. What a difference it makes! It makes soccer games and practices a little more bearable. We have been playing a lot of chess lately, with both kids playing after school on Monday's and Anja getting a set for her birthday it seems all they want to do is play.
Although now it is October and the kids are setting their sights to Halloween and what they will dress up as. Princess always tops the list with the girls. We shall see what everyone finally decides. What are you guys dressing up as?
Anyhow I will post some pictures later just wanted to let you all know we are alive and crazy!