February 16, 2009


Labs make the best pets.
Malibu was quick to potty train, didn't chew up too much stuff as a puppy and was always good with the kids. He turned 4 on January 29th...yes I know my dogs birthday' what!
So here is a little bit of Malibu growing up...
March 2005
March 2005
April 2005 Nika & Triston
May 2006
July 2006 Malibu with a little puppy we rescued...found her a good home...
July 2006 Playing
Sep 2007 Sharing some birthday cake with Liam
Oct 2007 Good spot to take a nap
May 2008 Labs love the water...
November 2008 Checking out our visitors...the classroom pets
A Good Happy Dog! Feb 2009


Andersons said... what! I love it. :-) What an adorable dog! Totally makes me want to jump through the screen and pet his cute face.

And I love that you guys go on hikes as a family - so inspirational.

KlareBear said...

Ahhh...Malibu! I would take him home in a heartbeat! He is such a god dog!

Jodi said...

Love that second picture :)

Michelle said...

such a cute puppy! I cant wait until we live somewhere where we can have animals.

Andersons said...

Dude Esther, where are you? On facebook or something? ;-)

Davianne said...

Uuhhhhhh. So, when are you gonna blog again? Since you're not on FB you got to talk to us somehow!! COME ON!!! WE MISS YOU!!!

Michelle said...

I ditto Davianne!!!

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